Kimberly Carolan

More advocacy needed for retirement plans

The passage of the CARES Act was a huge step towards helping plans and participants but more is needed legislatively. Check out the link to our friends at the American Retirement Association (ARA) and their continued lobbying efforts for additional retirement plans protections: Please consider contacting your US Senators and […]

SIMPLE IRAs, SIMPLE 401(k)s and traditional 401(k)s: A comparison

These various plan types can be used for varying goals and stages within a business. For example, a business may start with one plan type and then evolve over time. Other times features of plan types may not be available. For a complete analysis, please contact us and we’d be […]

Common plan design considerations

When working with your financial advisor and third party administrator (TPA) to create a retirement plan, there are several considerations: What is the purpose of the plan? Tax savings Retirement readiness for owner(s) or other staff members Employee benefit Ideally, a retirement plan covers all three of the above goals, […]