plan1Comprehensive Retirement Plan Solutions

Evergreen Retirement Plan Consulting, LLC provides consulting services for retirement plan sponsors and their advisory team (including their CPA and investment advisor). Our focus is on helping businesses achieve their retirement plan goals. We provide retirement plan design, an analysis of the financial condition of the plan, compliance information, administration and necessary government filings for every type of qualified retirement plan in the country.

Qualified Retirement Plans


We work with Defined Benefit (DB) Plans and Defined Contribution (DC) Plans.

targetCustomize Your Plan For Your Business

We highly customize each plan for every business we encounter. We do not believe that one-size-fits-all. We do believe that most basic 401(k) plans in the country do not align well with what most small businesses could have in terms of a retirement plan. Simply put, many business owners do not know what is available, and assume that their plan may be the “best” for their goals. We are here to educate plan sponsors and help install and maintain plans that will most clearly fit business owners’ individual and corporate goals.

Federal Licensing With A Local Focus


We can do any type of plan available in the United States under current IRS, ERISA and DOL rules and regulations. We have federal licensing that allows us to perform work anywhere in the country. However, we love working locally throughout the Pacific Northwest with local advisors, helping local business owners, so that we can meet face-to-face with the people with whom we work.

planRetirement Plan Help For Small Business

We primarily tend to provide services for smaller plans (although we can administer larger plans). These smaller companies tend to be able to better implement new ideas quickly. In addition, we can easily allocate contributions to owners to reward them for their risk (upwards of 80-90% of the contributions). But we also provide an amazing avenue for participants to still significantly save for retirement while having an effective tax deduction for the company.